Yijing App

The YiJing App is a four-in-one mobile application that chats with ChatGPT, learns I Ching knowledge, uses AI I Ching knowledge for fortune-telling, and creates AI-generated content to share and subscribe with friends. Protect your privacy, registration and login users do not need to provide any personal information!

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The first one million users, after enter the introducer user ID on the profile editing page, can get 2 weeks of VIP for free, and the introducer can get 1 more week of VIP accumulation until one year. Act now, share with friends, both parties will benefit.

To Members of the Yijing App

After check in on the app every day, you can mint 10,000 I Ching Coins for free into your cryptocurrency wallet. Additionally, you have the option to use 10 Matic Coins to mint your favorite I Ching hexagram as an NFT. After six months, you can choose to redeem the NFT for 1,000,000 I Ching Coins, and the NFT will be burned.

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